Cryptocurrencies are a form of money that is decentralized unlike printed money is based on a blockchain tech - a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers. The word cryptocurrency comes from the form of encryption technique which are used to secure the network. Although you may not be able to hold an actual crypto in your hands you will be able to keep it in a hard wallet - a type of hardware that logs your crypto away from the live internet.

Save when paying with digital money, we accept bitcoin, ehtereum & others contact us for details.

Your financial information stays private we never see it Unlike bank issued credit card or debit cards where you enter it here with digital money you'll receive a QR Code with a digital address for you to scan with your mobile device.

The Difference Between Fiat Currency and Crypto

Fiat Currency is issued by a government and regulated by a central authority. Fiat currency acts a legal tender and is not Necessarily backed by a physical commodity but only based on a credit of the economy. i.e. U.S. Dollar, British Pound or the EURO. Though Fiat Currency is considered stable, economic recessions and hyperinflation have highlighted weaknesses of Fiat Currency. Crypto is Not controlled by any central authority, Instead, Cryptos are entries in a database that no one can change or manipulate. Crypto is accessible to everyone all over the world and provides quick settlement times. Unlike Fiat Currency via electronic settlement systems, crypto allow for instant payments/transfers. In addition, lower transaction fees to the added privacy.