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Times have changed.
With this global pandemic wreaking havoc to all of us is time that now more than ever to support each other.
Communities are suffering when more and more small businesses are going out of business making it harder to find and buy the things that you need not only for your everyday life but also things to perform maintenance or repairs.
Sure, one can buy from those large corporations that have almost dominated the global online marketplace but the end result to that is one that can lead to a world of just a few families with most of the wealth thus preventing those of us who aspire to grow from accomplishing such goal. In addition, when you buy form a large online market place, you aren’t interacting with anyone. If we all continue to do so it will lead to complete isolation since most of those large online marketplaces use AI (artificial intelligence) to respond to your questions. You are talking to a machine, and that gets some of us very frustrated.
We must take a stand.
We as a small independent business will never become part of those large eCommerce market places such as A mazon who do siphon off sales out of local small businesses.
We can provide a much higher level of communication (human to human communication that is), customer support and share our technical expertise but also support the small business community-we have that in mind as our primary goal.



Our eCommerce site has our Toll Free phone for you to reach us with questions you may have, we are 100% transparent !! there is no wasting your time and all information provided is as accurate as possible.

In addition to this:

We never sold your personal information and never will as it happens with large corporations.

The large corporations are selling consumer data [your personal information] and that accounts for more than 50 percent of their revenue.

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We work with suppliers that provide large inventory of parts and accessories in addition to some lines of products that we are Factory Direct, whether you’re just servicing your vehicle or upgrading it we got what you’re looking for.


In shipping you the products you buy we do it in an efficient way. You get them ASAP; we deal with the shipping companies that make it reliable. We ship most of our merchandise within the same day of receiving your order. Read more on shipping

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